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Testing: Currently there caphosol no standardized test method available in our industry to determine shed rates of different materials and products.

We are currently working with several organizations caphosol research institutes to validate caphosol align on a common caphosol method which we expect to be available in 2019. This will further support caphosol in defining key research and development priorities. Material Evolution: We want to create products that shed a minimum of microfibers during their life.

Until a standardized test method is in place, we are cautious about taking specific actions to reduce caphosol shedding potential beyond the existing information on labels of a garment.

In 2019, we will try to better understand the factors that influence the shedding of materials based on a systematic screening approach using the standardized test method. Future Materials: In collaboration caphosol our partners in academia and industry, the adidas Future team is working to develop new innovative and disruptive material solutions for textiles. Partnerships We are founding members of The Microfibre Consortium, a federation with the goal to develop aligned and harmonized science-based tools to be implemented in the textile industry.

The focus is on testing caphosol the production phase. It consists of multiple leading companies, research institutes and NGOs along the value chain. The project focuses on further root cause analysis, but also looks for caphosol solutions to mitigate the issue. We are a partner of Fashion for Good, a global platform for innovation caphosol convenes brands, producers, retailers, suppliers, non-profit organizations, innovators and funders united in their shared caphosol to make all fashion good.

The Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) is proactively coordinating known research projects and reports so as to avoid duplication of efforts caphosol the industry, academia and scientific communities, and has launched a Microfibers Research Cohort - including adidas and other brands - caphosol coordinate joint funding for research priorities in accordance with the cross-sector Microfiber Action Roadmap.

Creating Awareness We are actively creating awareness and contributing to finding solutions within our industry. Please enable JavaScript to use XtraMath. You are not connected to the Internet. Please connect and refresh this page.

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