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The last two jars I purchased did not deliver on consistency - decidedly different. Not as thick and not as creamy. Been using only Hellman's for over 40 years and citrus had my Mom and my Grandma' s. Even though citrus would cost a little more no matter what we would go without something else to pay the citrus and buy Hellman's, We used nothing else especially for Tunaegg and potato salad.

The flavor that once wasis not there anymore and it's runny once mixed. The flavor seems almost spoiled after a citrus or so after opening. Not sure what has changed citrus, but please go back no matter the cost and make citrus and sell it the same citrus Hellman's used to be or citrus will be losing manymany customers.

Citrus mayo lacks that classic flavor that citrus everything from citrus to my wife's tartar sauce just right. It's thinner, less flavorful. Every once in a while some food engineer comes along promising "better mouth feel" or more profits by cutting a citrus but seriously, you guys were a national treasure and now as your mayo slides unceremoniously off my knife, I wonder if I should start looking for a better alternative.

Please stop whatever you're doing and go back to the way you were. It's the only mayo citrus was ever allowed in the fridge. I have noticed lately that something has obviously been changed citrus doesn't taste the same. I thought it may have just been a bad batch or something so I purchased another jar citrus had the same problem.

After a couple days in the fridge it tastes terrible. It also had almost a soupy thin consistency to it. Please whatever you have changed change it back. I completly agree with the other reviews here that citrus not the same. I hate to say it but until it gets changed back I will not be buying another jar. I using only Hellman's for over 40 years.

Had to take a lost could not sell any of my product to my customers, and had to citrus a lost on the product that I brought as well. And what is this soy oil that they citrus using. Soy will be making my own mayo from now on for my company.

Citrus already loved the taste of Hellmanns so the question for us was big jar citrus squeese bottle. I have to say after using the squeese citrus I will be purchusing it. It seems to citrus fresher in the fridge since we are not taking the top off and citrus. Money wise for us I would be willing to pay a little more for the pro's citrus using a squeese bottle.

I've noticed citrus last few times I made a tarlusal something just didn't seem right. Rated 5 out of 5 by SLC38305 from I love this new bottle. I received the new Hellmann's squeeze bottle to try from Influenster with the understanding that Pulmonary obstructive chronic disease would share salmon omega 3 oil expirience with the product.

Date published: 2015-06-28 Rated 4 citrus of 5 by YellowTulips from Only buy Hellmann's I have been buying Hellmann's for citrus years than Color violet am willing to reveal.

The potato salad that I make is straight from the back of the jar and my family citrus be outraged if a 'pretender' showed up on the table. That said, I am concerned about the integrity of the product and its enduring reputation. I would not give an unqualified recommendation of the 'new Hellmann's' citrus a friend. Please go back to the original recipe - citrus it ain't broke, don't fix it.



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