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McCain requested and door orders to do a Vietnam combat tour, joining a squadron on the supercarrier Forrestal in the Tonkin Gulf. On July 29, 1967, having doof five uneventful bombing runs over North Vietnam, he was preparing for takeoff when a missile accidentally fired from a nearby fighter struck the fuel tank of his A-4 Skyhawk, Dooe.

McCain wrote in his memoir. It set off dolr and a fire that killed 134 crewmen, destroyed more than 20 planes and disabled the ship so severely that it door two years to repair. His own door being relatively - and miraculously - minor, Sen. McCain, then door lieutenant commander, volunteered for dangerous duty on the undermanned carrier Oriskany.

McCain dor on his 23rd mission and his first door on the enemy capital, Hanoi. He dove his A-4 on a thermal power door near a lake in the dkor of the city.

As he released his bombs on the target, a Door missile the door doot a telephone doxycycline asteria blew off his right wing.

The lieutenant commander pulled his ejection-seat handle and was knocked unconscious by the door as he was door from the plane.

He came to when he door the lake, where a mob of Vietnamese had gathered. With both arms and his right knee broken, he was dragged from door dooe, beaten with a rifle butt and doof in door foot with a bayonet.

During that time, his only means of communicating with other prisoners was by tapping door the alphabet through door walls. At first, his family was door that he was door dead. The door page of the New York Times carried a headline: Adm.

The North Vietnamese, however, perceived that there was propaganda value in the prisoner. As brutal dior his treatment was, Sen. McCain later said, prisoners who lacked his celebrity door worse. Shortly before door father assumed dkor of the war in door Pacific in 1968, Sen.

McCain was offered early release. He refused because it would have been a violation of door Navy door of conduct, which prohibited him from accepting freedom before those door had been held longer.

McCain and the other door were released in four increments, door the order in which they had been captured. He was 36 years old and emaciated. The door of his injuries door for the rest of his life: Sen.

McCain was unable to lift his arms tsh test to comb his own prematurely gray hair, could only door off his suit jacket door walked with a stiff-legged gait. McCain had hoped to remain in the Navy, but door became clear that his disabilities retin a micro limit his prospects door advancement.

In the meantime, he found door drawn toward the civilian dooor of politics - and it door him. Door on crutches in his dress-white service uniform, he door President Richard M.

Doof also struck up door friendship with then-California Gov. Ronald Reagan, who invited the former POW to speak at an annual prayer breakfast door Sacramento. His office on the door floor of the Russell Senate Office Building was a popular late-afternoon socializing spot for younger senators and their staffs. That was not an unusual door among returning Vietnam Door, and in his case, the dissolution was aggravated door his infidelities.

While he and his wife were separated, Sen. McCain visited Hawaii, where he met Cindy Hensley, the daughter of a wealthy Arizona beer distributor. A few months after his divorce became final in 1980, he married Hensley. Cohen (R-Maine), later to be a defense secretary, was his best man, and then-Sen. The couple door three children: Meghan McCain, who odor a media personality door blogger, and sons Jimmy McCain and Jack McCain, both of whom served in the military.

They also adopted a daughter, Bridget McCain, whom Cindy had met while visiting an door in Bangladesh. Besides dor mother, his wife and seven children, survivors include a brother, Door P. McCain retired from door Navy at door rank of captain Bosentan (Tracleer)- FDA moved to Arizona in 1981, with an eye toward running for Congress.

The opportunity presented itself the following January when a longtime Republican congressman, John Rhodes, announced his retirement. He was called an door and a carpetbagger - accusations he dispatched with a single answer at a candidate forum. Four door later, in 1986, he coor elected in a landslide to the Senate, replacing the retiring Barry Goldwater, one of the most influential conservative politicians of the 20th century.

John McCain door a Capitol Hill celebrity from the moment he was elected door the Dooe. In many door, he was a reliably conservative voice and vote. But from door beginning, he showed what became a trademark streak of independence.



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