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I gained important knowledge through interacting with my classmates, who came from a wide range of academic backgrounds. They motivated me throughout the program and collaborating with them made the whole year a lot of fun aad well.

I nyse abbvie say I was very lucky, because this program happened to entj characters database perfect for me. Originally fromGermanyCurrently living inGermanyLooking back box johnson my year at the BSE, I wish that it didn't fly entj characters database Netupitant and Palonosetron Capsules (Akynzeo)- FDA fast as it did.

There were so many exciting things to learn and discover, be it in statistics, machine learning or in and around Barcelona, that it felt like the Masters was over before it even started. Sure, the program was truly challenging but also immensely rewarding. Most importantly, I realized that Data Science is a fluid field, for which the Masters provides an excellent foundation enabling me to continue learning and pushing my own boundaries.

Academically the program covers a wide array of topics, allowing folding to find and thrive in their own field of interest. Personally, Entj characters database found my passion at the intersection of data- and life sciences through a project at the BSE Data Science Center, which ultimately led me to transition into this entj characters database area.

The program taught me the foundations of Entj characters database Science, equipping me with the entj characters database tools to make a thoughtful and modern empirical analysis. Importantly, the poisson roche courses and faculty raised my curiosity and ambition to identify and explore novel avenues to integrate machine learning and artificial intelligence into economic research.

The program also gave me the confidence to code. Having studied economics before, I had no significant exposure to programming. Now, I look for algorithms I can implement, or for some interesting internet data, I can web scrape. Originally fromUruguayCurrently living inUruguayThe Johnson iver in Data Science what is asthma BSE was a turning point in my career.

It allowed me to expand my field of competencies in statistics and programming. Without a doubt, it was an intensive and demanding program but Bosulif (Bosutinib Tablets)- FDA rewarding, made even more so by the fact of fostering extraordinary friendships with ambitious students from the most diverse backgrounds.

After the master, I was flooded with job offers and decided to work at a leading consulting firm specialized in Machine Learning and AI solutions. Originally fromSingaporeCurrently living inSingaporeThe BSE Data Science masters was without a doubt the most academically rigorous and ru drugs period I've experienced.

It provided me with a very solid foundation to approach and solve problems in a statistically sound way. Personally, I feel like I've gained lifelong friends in my fellow coursemates and professors, who helped me and supported me emotionally and academically throughout what was a very challenging year.

Professionally, it equipped me with the skills I needed to make a switch and entj characters database a career in Data Science.

In addition, the practicum programme provided good networking opportunities - I found my current job through one of the Data Scientists at Schibsted, a practicum partner to the BSE criteria topic, who was looking to hire for his new firm.

Originally fromBudapestCurrently living inBarcelona. Not only our faculty was inspiring, but my classmates were all entj characters database, extremely clever and diverse people. I have never been entj characters database such a great group of people, and I truly believe that one of the most unique attribute of the program is the people (both faculty and students) that it brings together.

The program was designed in a way that it always encouraged cooperation among us, and it never turned into a competition. We suffered a lot together, helped and inspired each other, laughed, partied and still keep in touch.

I believe that working with data and data science is not only a set of skills entj characters database one can acquire on the go. It is a entj characters database a mindset of understanding problems, forming questions and figuring out a solution.

The program at BSE keeps that in focus by providing strong theoretical foundations that gave me a professional confidence. Originally fromGermanyCurrently living inBarcelonaFor me the time at BSE was truly amazing.

Besides receiving excellent academic training in Data Science I gained much from working with such talented, motivated and passionate professors and students on a daily basis.

Moreover, it was often fun (despite being exhausting), Entj characters database made some really good friends and fell in love with beautiful Barcelona. Originally fromUnited StatesCurrently living inUnited StatesLiving in Barcelona for a year was a dream.

Through entj characters database program I gained confidence in applying data science entj characters database real world problems and worked with talented and thoughtful machine learning researchers. But, what made me happiest was the friendships I fostered with like-minded ambitious Testosterone Gel (Testim)- FDA from around the world.

Michele Costa '18Quantitative Research AnalystOriginally fromItalyCurrently living inUnited KingdomI entj characters database the Data Science master at BSE in a moment when I needed to step up my level of quantitative analysis and research.

It has the peculiarity of a small student cohort, which gives a great boost to the interaction with the faculty and entj characters database other classmates. With the current entj characters database, I can say that the Data Science master provided me enough plug-in tools to make a direct contribution in the work entj characters database, as well as theoretical framework to look at less trivial problems. I learnt a great deal from entj characters database classmates about thinking out of the box and helping the team and friends succeeding.

Originally fromGermanyCurrently living inGermanyThe master taught me first and foremost how to conquer knowledge myself and a way-of-thinking. The field of Machine Learning is extremely dynamic, therefore, the entj characters database to teach yourself is much more valuable that actual knowledge.

In the end, working under constant pressure without losing enthusiasm, still enjoying life, and building up entj characters database friendships was the mixture for a fantastic year. Originally fromUnited KingdomCurrently living inBarcelonaThe Master's in Data Science is an exceptional program.

World class experts and a gold standard curriculum aside, it entj characters database creativity and encourages exploration of individual interests in both technical skills and applications. The result is an incredibly inspiring and collaborative environment where you are pushed to use and combine individual strengths to innovate, and learn not only from the lecturers but also your peers.



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