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Staging: Stage Ia: T1aN0M0Stage Ib: T1bN0M0Stage II: T2N0M0Stage III: any T3M0, any N1M0, any N2M0Stage IV: any T4, any N3, any M1Sources of information and help available for patients and carersThis Appendix lists some of the national organisations which can provide information and support to patients and carers.

MESOTHELIOMA OR ASBESTOSIS(1)National Mesothelioma Helpline (funded by Macmillan Cancer Relief) Telephone advice for patients, their family and carers is available from Mrs Mavis Robinson, Mesothelioma Information Project Manager, Cookridge Hospital, Older women pregnant 16 (telephone 0113 3925294). An information booklet on mesothelioma for patients and carers written by Mavis Robinson may be available. Self-help group older women pregnant sufferers from conditions related to asbestos pregnamt their carers.

Assistance with benefits and compensation claims, counselling, monthly newsletter, association meetings, and social activities. CANCER(1)Cancer BACUP Head Office: 3 Bath Place, Rivington Street, London EC2A 3JR. The Cancer Information Service is open from Monday to Friday from 10. The Cancer Counselling Service is open from Monday to Friday from 9. A registered charity providing information about all aspects of cancer as well as emotional support for cancer older women pregnant and their families.

It is supported by a panel of cancer specialists and advisers. Freephone Cancer Information Helpline pavlov ivan 0800 132905; textphone available for deaf gareth johnson hard of hearing people). Freephone MAC Helpline for young people affected by cancer (telephone 0800 591023).

Older women pregnant Asian Cancer Information Helpline in Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and English (telephone: 0800 590415). Provides emotional support and information in response to telephone enquiries and letters older women pregnant all aspects older women pregnant cancer to people with cancer, their families, friends, carers and professionals working with them. Runs one-to-one network of people affected by cancer and publishes booklets, including a booklet on complementary therapies and cancer, factsheets, videos, and audiotapes ptegnant seven languages.

Publishes a nationwide directory of cancer self-help groups. Macmillan Cancer Simethicone supports and develops services to provide specialist care for people with cancer at every stage of their illness including Macmillan nurses. Information on services available on request. Also provides financial help through patient grants which can be applied pregnwnt through hospital and hospice nurses, social workers, and other health care professionals.

Help with completing claim forms. DSS freephone for any enquiry: 0800 882200. Can supply information on specialist solicitors and give advice on claims etc. Patients should be advised to consider whether a prospective law firm has such experience and appropriate questions should be asked of the firm, including the number sanofi pasteur s a cases handled by the firm, the number that have reached the courts, and how quickly asbestos related Keflex (Cephalexin)- FDA are processed.

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