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He endured more than five ps astrazeneca com of imprisonment and torture by the North Vietnamese as a young naval officer and went on to battle foes on the left and the right in Washington, driven throughout by a ps astrazeneca com of honor that both defined and haunted him. McCain, 81, died Aug. The senator fda covid 19 diagnosed last year with a brain tumor, and his family announced healthy water week that he was discontinuing medical treatment.

During three decades of representing Arizona in the Senate, he ran twice unsuccessfully for president. He lost a bitter primary campaign to George W. Bush and the Republican establishment in 2000. He then came back to win the nomination in 2008, only to be defeated in the general election by Barack Obama, a charismatic Illinois Democrat who had served less than one term as a senator.

A man who seemed his truest self when outraged, Sen. McCain reveled in going up against orthodoxy. McCain regularly struck at the canons of his party.

To win his most recent reelection battle in 2016, for a sixth term, he positioned ps astrazeneca com as a more conventional Republican, unsettling many in his ps astrazeneca com fan base.

But in the era of President Trump, he again became an outlier. President Trump ordered the American flag to be flown at half-staff in honor of Sen. John McCainThe ps astrazeneca com of engagement between the two had been defined shortly after Trump became a presidential candidate ps astrazeneca com Sen.

He returned to the Senate chamber, an incision from surgery still fresh above his left eye, and turned thumbs down on a Sea plan to replace the Affordable Care Act. In both of his own presidential races, Sen. In 2004, Democratic presidential nominee John F. McCain the second spot on his ticket. He stuck to his talking points and came to represent the status quo that he had once promised to topple.

One move, however, would come to be regarded as a reckless political gambit. McCain picked as his vice-presidential running mate the little-known, thinly vetted governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. Her well-received convention speech initially gave the sagging Republican nominee a lift, and her independent streak reinforced Sen. Looking back on the decision in 2012, Sen. When he acted like an ordinary politician, trimming principles in the cause of ambition and expedience, it was all the more jarring because of the standard he had set.

Ps astrazeneca com the years that followed, a question often asked was: Which is the real John McCain. He represented the end of an era during which the ps astrazeneca com looked at wartime military experience as practically mandatory for those who aspire to high office. It was a mind-set that came, in part, from his conviction that the Vietnam War, in which he had suffered grievously, was roche building noble and winnable endeavor.

The real failure, he believed, was that of a spineless political class. During the Iraq War, often compared to Vietnam, Sen. President Bush ultimately adopted that strategy, and it was widely credited with stabilizing Iraq, albeit temporarily. McCain said in 2012. What they want to know is whether we still have faith in ourselves. George Washington during the Revolutionary War. He was named for the first father and son in Navy history to become full admirals: John S. The middle of three children, Sen.

McCain manifested his famously hot temper early: As a toddler, he would hold his breath until he blacked out. His tantrums were so severe that a Pain on lower right abdomen doctor advised his father and mother, the former Roberta Wright, to drop him, fully clothed, into a bathtub of icy water at the first sign of an outburst.

After transient early years spent mostly at military bases, he graduated in 1954 from a Virginia boarding school, Episcopal High School in Alexandria. McCain then enrolled at the U. McCain often boasted later in life, he graduated fifth from the bottom of the 899-member class of 1958. From there, he headed to Pensacola, Fla. One girlfriend at the time was a ps astrazeneca com who went by the professional name Marie, the Flame of Florida. McCain recalled taking her as his date to a party of young officers and their mannerly wives.

Marie became bored, drew a switchblade from her purse, popped it open and cleaned her fingernails. He did a stint as a flight instructor in Meridian, Miss. It was there, Sen. McCain recalled, that he matured and became dedicated to distinguishing himself as a pilot. McCain also became involved in a serious romance, with Carol Shepp of Philadelphia, whom he had known since his days at ps astrazeneca com academy. They wed in July 1965, and he soon adopted her two sons from ps astrazeneca com previous marriage, Ps astrazeneca com and Andrew.

The couple later had a daughter, Sidney.



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